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We are passionnate … And Passion runs through Us ! We are Loaded with authenticity and transparency, we bring people together to be merged into an experience. There shall be no Ego allowed … and Failure is welcome ! because with the knowledge of the group we could help and empower the community. Communication is Substainability, Exchange is Evolution ! We act with precision and we are effective with minimalism. On our way to spread our values, we act with deep understanding and respect. Tolerance and humility ! we always keep our eyes and senses open, because We are Each Other’s Environment to Blossom and Flourish. Humanity is most important, we assume our responsability to the Fullest… as we are aware! 

It all began in 2014 with the very first Edition of Sailing Stones. The festival has advanced ever since by enlarging its field of knowledga through learning from musicians and spectators, to become a performing and creative entity within the cultural and musical scene in Tunisia rather than a simple event. This 2014 edition was independently organised.

The latter took place in Zammour, a sublime Berber village on the heights of Southern Tunisia. This edition brought together a hundred festival-goers and about twenty musicians from Tunisia and elsewhere. This inconspicuous first edition allowed us to learn about what we want to do with our festival and all the activities involved.

There was an immediate link created at the end of this first edition along with a young and diverse community, eager for experimental and adventurous music that enlightened us on the future as well as the values that we wish to defend with our project.After the first edition, the festival set up several objectives: First of all, the festival aims to present to Tunisian public a number of artists who have outstanding stage performances. We think that during live performences the link between the bands and the spectators is to be reinvested. That moment will be a concentrate of freedom, discovery and learning. Secondly, our festival is nomadic. A different place for each edition. It moves in order to associate this demanding music with natural landscapes out off the traditional tourist circuits.

The Sailing stones residency was born from the need to center the festival around a dynamic of creation and invention. The residency takes place one week preceding the festival. It brings together around twenty artists : national scene, locals, and international.

During the week of residency, artists formed creative groups of music and sound , their universes meet and articulate, they listen to each other, experiment and record, we transform places with individual characters into an improvised recording studio. The recordings are not only taking place indoors but also in open and natural sites so that the reality of the place imprints the compositions and recordings.

The Sailing Stones Tapes is the result of five days of research and musical experimentation between artists from Tunisia, Switzerland, Germany, England, Belgium and France. These 22 musicians were reunited for a week of unprecedented residency before the second edition of the Sailing Stones festival which took place in April 2019 in the region of Dahmani in Tunisia. The album will offer a selection of 80 minutes from the collaboration between the bands: AMMAR 808 / ASBEST / BELIA WINNEWISSER / LORD KESSELI & THE DRUMS / BIT-TUNER / ELECTRIC MOON / HAZEM AOUNALLAH / JIHED KHMIRI / ONE SENTENCE. SUPERVISOR / PYRIT / SEABUCKTHORN / SUNZI / YNFLX /10-20 PROJECT

The Sailing Stones Tapes will be released in Double Vinyl, CD and Digital on the Parisian label Bookmaker Records with the support of the Tunisian label Infinite Tapes 

 After the previous editions organised at Zammour in 2014, the Wave 1 at sidi thabet in 2016,  the stars aligned again and SAILING STONES is finally coming back. This year the festival is set in the area of Dahmeni, Kef governorate, neighboring the ruins of Althiburos. We invite you from the 12th to the 14th of April to come and live 3 days of music and (sonorous/sound) creation with 18 bands from Tunisia, Switzerland, France, Germany, Syria and England.